Friday, 27 November 2009

The Blue Wave

World leaders will get together in December at the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen to decide how the world tackles climate change for decades to come.
Oxfam is looking for two key outcomes:
  • a cap on rich country carbon emissions.
  • an adaptation fund is set up for poor countries, so that they can cope with the effects of climate change.
Thousands of people will show their support for a safe and fair agreement to be made at the talks by joining The Wave.

P7 joined the wave by wearing blue and doing a Mexican wave.

We decorated cut out hands with blue and added our own messages to the government about Climate Change. These will be displayed in London at The Wave event on the 5th December to show support for a fair and safe climate deal in Copenhagen.
Our video will be added to Oxfam's website but you can see it below!

Here are our decorated hands.

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Mrs MacNab and Class 3/4 said...

That explains why we saw lots of P7s with blue on their faces in the dinner hall today! What a good cause you are supporting.

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