Monday, 14 December 2009

Ice bears and ice hares!

We have been following Climate change news in the media and newspapers.

The sculptor Mark Coreth has carved ice bears for display during the Climate change conference in Copenhagen. We are following the progress of the bears by web cam. One is placed in Copenhagen and the other one is standing in Trafalgar Square in London.

You can follow this link to see the bears:

We decided to have our own 'ice hare' project. We froze four ice hares and watched them as they melted.

Number 1 was the 'control.' It was made with plain water and we were not allowed to touch it.

Number 2 we were allowed to touch.

Number 3 was made of salty water and had food colouring added so that we could tell the difference.

Number 4 was placed outside in the courtyard.
We took photos every 15-30 minutes to see if there were any differences in the rate of melting.
Which one do you think melted first?
(You can choose your answer by clicking the button on the pane at the right.)
We'll let you know the results!
Update: The first hare to melt was the one we were allowed to touch!
The outside hare started melting very quickly (possibly because of the drizzle) and we thought it was going to be first but it slowed down later when the teperature outside dropped.
The second one to melt was actually the salty one with the outside one being third. The one that lasted longest was the inside one that no one touched.

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