Thursday, 4 February 2010

Green land!

We have been taking Drama lessons this term with Mr Giles. It's called Greenland a town with a differance. It fits in well with our project, Living in a Democracy. We are all citizens and make the rules. We have ten main laws.

1.All citizens of Greenland are instructed to use green public trannsport only.

2.All transport in Greenland must run on Green fluid such as Fairy liqid.

3.The Green Ba' must be held annually only in the capital of Greenland.

4.All citizens of Greenland must worship the Green Giant.

5.All citizens of Greenland must vow total allegiance to Greenland.

6.Only the colour green can be seen in Greenland, every other colour is forbidden.
7.All citizens of Greenland must know the "Green National Anthem" of by heart.

8.Only citizens of Greenland can know the Green Secret Handshake.

9.Only citizens of Greenland can live and work in Greenland.

10.All citizens of Greenland must eat five portions of green vegetables every day but will have an optional portion of 'Green Giant' sweetcorn.

We also have a parliament which we just started. We put Mrs McRae up in front of the parliament for committing a formidable crime!

by Kirsty

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure about the last rule - what if you don't like sweetcorn? What about visitors to Greenland - how will they know the rules and do the rules apply to them? What if you want to come and live in Greenland how long do you have to adopt all the rules? And what has poor Mrs McRae done - will she get a fair hearing? I am very worried!

Mrs Bleakley

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